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Your Digital Defense: Assess Cyber Risks, Prevent Data Breaches & Unmask Threat Actors

Originally recorded July 9, 2020

Organizations are facing increased cyber risks and threats from cyberattacks causing data breaches and compromising critical sensitive information. The current post-COVID-19 business environment with vulnerabilities created by the challenges of transitioning to remote and digital operations at scale is exacerbating the threats of data asset compromise.

Our expert panel of risk and cybersecurity specialists will review the cyberthreat landscape, discuss how to identify, prevent and detect cyber risks using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) techniques, and other risk mitigation measures. We also explore the data breach life cycle, and tools and practices to leverage data breach information to unmask threat actors.

Key takeaways from this webinar include:
  • Understanding cyber risk and mitigation strategies
  • How to use AI/ML in prevention and detection of cyber risks and data breaches
  • Balance between data compliance legislation (GDPR, CCPA) and ML
  • Understand data breaches and its life cycle
  • Use of tools and techniques to unmask threat actors

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Meet Our Speakers


VA-DCI-Webinar-Mark-4iQMark Scarmozzino
Regional Director, 4iQ

Mark Scarmozzino, CAMS is a Regional Director at 4iQ, and recently joined 4iQ with responsibility for business development and relationship management in the banking and financial services division. Mark is certified as an Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (“CAMS”) by the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (“ACAMS”). Prior to joining 4iQ, Mark was a Managing Director at ACA Telavance, and has over 30 years of global banking and financial services industry experience, including extensive expertise in Anti-Money Laundering, fraud, global economic sanctions, and regulatory compliance. Prior to ACA Telavance, Mark was a Senior Account Manager with Fiserv Risk & Compliance Solutions and a Vice President & Business Development Executive at Daylight Forensics & Advisory, a leading global regulatory consulting firm.


VA-DCI-Webinar-ErinErin Brown
Intelligence Analyst and Cryptocurrency Specialist, 4iQ

Erin Brown has worked in the field of intelligence analysis for over 8 years, with 6 years served in the UK government. Responsible for conducting investigations on behalf of 4iQ and their customers, Erin is a superuser of 4iQ solutions. With several years of experience working on complex cyber and cryptocurrency investigations, Erin has extensive knowledge of current cyber trends and investigative techniques to uncover real identities of cybercriminals and attribute their activities. Erin previously worked for the UK government and held several roles, as a Financial investigator, Policy advisor and Cyber Intelligence Analyst working on investigations concerning cybercrime and nation-state actors. Following this Erin worked at Elliptic as a Cryptocurrency investigator and trainer, working with law enforcement and industry partners, advising them on how to investigate cryptocurrency frauds and other malicious activity. Erin holds a BA Hons in History from the University of Stirling, a MSc in Government, Policy, and Politics from Birkbeck and a GDL in Law from City University.


VA-DCI-Webinar-UdayUday Gulvadi
Director, Stout

Uday Gulvadi is a Director in the Disputes, Compliance, & Investigations group. Uday is a financial crimes, internal audit, and risk advisory practice leader with over 20 years of experience in risk, compliance, anti-money laundering (AML), financial crimes compliance, and internal audit. Uday has significant experience in financial crimes, AML, sanctions, governance and risk, model risk management, model validations, enterprise risk management, COSO risk-based internal audits, information technology, and cybersecurity audit and controls. Read his full bio.


VA-DCI-Webinar-FotisFotis Konstantinidis
Managing Director, Stout

Fotis Konstantinidis is a Managing Director and leads the Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation practice at Stout. He has over 15 years of experience in data mining and advanced analytics, digital strategy, and integration of digital technologies in enterprises. His experience includes data transformation and visualization, application of a broad range of machine learning algorithms to maximize real business value and data-driven assessments of digital initiatives and priorities. Fotis has also led large digital transformation programs in both private and public companies, and launched agile-driven digital solutions that were presented in international conferences and workshops. Read his full bio.







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Cyber attacks and data breaches cost companies, countries, and individuals billions of dollars annually. This problem isn’t going away. In fact, it is getting worse every day. Hacked and dumped, and lost and leaked identity information is proliferating in the surface, social, deep and dark web and bad actors are using this information to launch an unrelenting stream of new attacks. Organizations need to take a more active approach. 4iQ was founded because protecting people and information requires more than just basic security hygiene, building a wall or defending a network. We are on a mission to protect people and organizations with breached identity intelligence. Knowing that cybercriminals are also in these breached corpuses, we built tools and technology to leverage our adversary intelligence to combat cyber crime. We are intelligence community analysts, infosec pioneers, military veterans, and tech entrepreneurs with a single mission: empower cyber heroes to know their adversary and disrupt cyber-enabled crime. Learn more at 4iQ.com.


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